12.08.2004 Eno One, GCJG9D

Canal viewEno One is near one of Eno’s canals. The river Pielisjoki was canaled in the latter half of the 19 century and three of the canals are located in Eno. While the dam of Kaltimo later made some of the canals unnecessary, their earthworks, and in some cases locks, still exist. We’ll start with a view of the end of the canal to the south (west ?).

The right side of the picture is a land barrier between the canal part of the river and the naturally flowing one. The water levels around the Kaltimo canal have risen somewhat after the dam was built, creating interesting little islands.

Canal islands

Ramin and Flippe searchingFlippe proved to be a great help in looking for the caches. Or at least he kept thinking that he’d be a great help. Ramin took care of the looking for the cache, leaving Anna to concentrate on what she’d write in the log :).

Anna entering our log

Even though there is a large paper and pulp mill 20 kilometers or so to the northeast of Eno, the air here is quite clean. A good indicator of the air quality here is the moss shown in the picture below. It only grows in areas where the air is good. In fact, in many Finnish cities and towns this moss has gained more ground in the last decade as the amount of pollution emitted by industry and vehicles has been reduced.

Lichen Canal view

Lockkeeper’s houseIt’s odd how even though Anna has rowed through the canal twice and Ramin has driven around in that area quite a bit, neither one of us remembered the southernmost lock of the Kaltimo canal. Next to the site of the lock is an old building that the county of Eno uses and rents for various occasions.

Today the land barrier between the canal and the river is a walkpath and accessway to the lockkeepers house. Again, the higher water levels (especially now after all of our rains) are clearly visible by how low the causeway is. In fact, at one point there was about 20 cm of water on it. Walking along it Flippe got his first taste of what a real current in the water does. The sticks he had to fetch moved in novel ways…


We visited the cache on 12.8.2004. View cache details.