16.08.2004 Kalmanniemi, GCK912

The Kalmanniemi cache was only a few days old when we first got to it. We had just found all of the caches that were in the vicinity of Joensuu and expected the next cache to be quite a drive away from us. Luckily Kalmanniemi came along. It’s near a memorial of an old monastery – its name is literally peninsula of the dead. The name comes from the monasteries cemetery, which was found before the old monastery was known about. We also found our first travel bug there.

Monastery memorial Russian orthodox cross

Travel Bug

Impatient FlippeWhile Ramin was writing our log entry, Flippe was more than a little impatient while waiting for someone to play with him. Since Kuhasalo is a glade of tranquility in Joensuu, we decided to walk around the peninsula and enjoy the sunny and windy day.

Ramin and the logbook

Dead treeIt was a day on which Pyhäselkä decided to show its wilder side. While most Finnish lakes are narrow and filled with bays, peninsulas, and islands, Pyhäselkä offers a large body of open water and the most isolated islands in any Finnish lake – over four kilometers from the nearest shore. So you an imagine, even small waves seem large around here.

View of Pyhäselkä

Kassu, Flippe, and RaminOur swimmer, Flippe, got to experience the waves firsthand. He’ll truly go anywhere after a stick, ball, or frisbee. We started out in slightly smaller waves until he graduated to full force of the waves that day. Again he showed that he will not stop until he drops. We finally headed home after a shivering dog started to crawl out of the waves and onto the shore.

Flippe and the waves Flippe and the waves Flippe and the waves Flippe and the waves Flippe and the waves Flippe and the waves Flippe and the waves Flippe and the waves

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