12.08.2004 Kolvananuuro, GCJH3H

An abandoned farm

The Kolvananuuro cache is located just outside of the nature reserve. The nature reserve has been created to preserve a geological formation that is evidence of moving land masses and the latest ice age. Unfortunately we were running out of light so we didn’t have time to go wander around. More on Kolvananuuro sometime later when we have the time to go there.

An abandoned farm

The cache itself is in an abandoned farmyard. The Finnish countryside, especially in North Karelia and other poorer areas, has many old farms that have been abandoned and left to ruin. We didn’t even see any evidence of fields near this old farm, so it must be decades since it has last been farmed. Our inquisitive natures lead us to explore inside the house. The old newspapers were dated to 1968. While it seems unlikely that the house would have been abandoned for almost 40 years, it certainly hasn’t been lived in for quite some time.

Ramin and Kassu investigating the farmhouseWhen we see, let alone visit, an abandoned house, we can’t help but wonder who was the last person to live here and what caused them to leave. Was it lovingly taken care of by an (older) couple until the realities of life and age forced them to move into town, or did it fall into disuse and ruin while the owner was somewhere drinking? Either way, it’s always sad to see an abandoned house – an enduring symbol of dead hopes and lost dreams…

Just so we finish off without such heavy thoughts on our minds, nature again offered us a spectacular show of clouds and the setting sun.

The evening clouds

We visited the cache on 12.8.2004. View cache details.