09.08.2004 Swamp1, GC320A

Swamp1 is located in the northeastern parts of Joensuu, quite close to habitation. It’s a nice and easy one to look find as a first cache. It’s located in a fairly typical dried swamp. The idea with a dried swamp is that ditches are dug in the swamp to let the water of the swamp seep out while still leaving the ground moist and fertile and thus a great location to grow trees in. And Finland is the promised land of forestry.


While this summer isn’t going to be all that good when it comes to blueberries (it’s been too cold), the route we took had quite a few. At least enough to keep us stopping and eating them every now and then. The afore mentioned ditches were mostly small and narrow so that we could easily jump over them. However, no ditch is ever too small for Flippe to go for a swim.

Flippe in a ditch

But not all of the ditches were small. This one was wide enough that jumping over it didn’t seem like a good idea. Luckily someone had been chopping down some small trees along the ditches bank that we used to build a bridge. Finally after some wandering (and coaxing to get Kassu across the ditch), we found the cache.

Kassu and Anna crossing a ditch Anna, Kassu and Flippe near the cache

On the way back we found a better route back that didn’t include quite that many ditches. And a much better bridge than the one we made…

A log bridge crossing a ditch

While driving home, nature offered us with some nice clouds over the lake (Pyhäselkä) and the odd light effects around the sun. All in all, it was a very enjoyable couple of hours spent in the forest and wandering near recent urban developments looking at all of the new homes being built.

Stormclouds over the lake The sun and halos

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