14.08.2004 The stash of Vanha Puhos, GCJAN8

Vanha Puhos is an old industrial area in Kitee, the home of Nightwish. There’s also a modern industrial area called Puhos nearby, which offers fenced in areas of the forestry industry. The old area has several signposts that tell the story of the area. Unfortunately they are only in Finnish… The signposts are interesting because instead of chemicals they use soot, or burned wood, to protect the wood of the signposts from rotting.

The old mill

The area has an old mill which is still in use at times. What’s missing from the area today is the old manor and most of the old sawmills and such. In the 19 century the area was mainly owned by N. L. Arppe, who brought the first steamship to the Finnish lakes. And a connection to Ramin’s background comes from the fact that most of the area was bought in the early 1900s by Oy Kaukas Ab, a pulp and paper mill in the shadow of which Ramin was born and grown.

Signposts The old mill

The old mill is a great example of Finnish wood buildings. Unfortuantely it was closed when we visited the area and we couldn’t see the inside of it for details of the structure. Next to the mill is a small power station creating electricity from the three meter height difference in the water. Because the mill and power station dam up the river, the logs that were transported through the water had to be carted over a land bridge. To take care of this, a cart was lowered into the water and logs were loaded on it. After this the cart was pulled over the land bridge on tracks.

Log handling equipment Anna, Flippe and Kassu

The cache itself is near the mill in quite an interesting place. Or at least that is where it is supposed to be. We couldn’t find it even if we did come back the next day to look for it… At least we had a change to get some of the Nightwish beer bottles from Kitee on our second visit there. Based on the communication we had with the cache owner, it seems that the cache has gone AWOL. (Update: The cache was missing for a while, but has been found since.) Flippe did try to help us even if we did have him tied up to a tree.

Flippe peeking

After an hour or two of futile searching we decided to head towards the next caches of the day, Aconitum Tohmajärvi and Öllölä.

An old barn

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