27.03.2005 Lappeenranta all breed

The judge for the puppies had changed so again Jalo was judged by Ritva Raita and was placed fourth in the puppy class. Adults were judged by Saija Juutilainen and Flippe got yet again Sufficient in open class. Flippe has got a wide range of different results. The biggest problem is that Flippe doesn’t trot when other dogs are in the ring same time as him and he uses some weird gait of his own. When he’s alone in the ring he trots somehow. We’ll take him in to a couple of more shows hoping to get him moving well and getting a Flippe-like evaluation of him. Kassu was also with us in this trip. He waited at the car and watched eagerly everything that happened around the parking lot ;) Jalo’s evaluation, Flippe’s evaluation