29.05.2005 Liperi tendency trial

Originally Flippe wasn’t supposed to be a hunting dog and our freezer wasn’t supposed to be filled with dead birds. But somehow we ended up training Flippe with game around the same time that we started to seriously consider taking another flatcoat (and Jalo did join us shortly thereafter). For some reason – maybe because of the late start he got – Flippe was never too enthusiastic about cold game and had to be instructed to pick it up.

The reason why our first visit to tendency trials resulted in failure was that Flippe did not pick up any game independently and always waited at the game for the command to pick it up. But he didn’t have the problem in retrieving game from the water so he got to retrieve several birds from the free search area before he failed his test.

General appearance: “A dog full of energy and willingness to act. Works well in the water, but waits for a command before picking up the birds in the field. This is the reason the dog fails the trial. Doesn’t appear to have anything against game”. Flippe’s evaluation