18.12.2005 Winner and Nordic Winner 2005

At least interesting and very colorful show trip!

The trip included several memorable things – staying at the same cottage with a bitch that was in a heat, car’s charger broke down while it was -20C (-4F), finding a new charger and a repair shop that was open at saturdays, heating the bathing water with a kettle… At least we’ll remember this trip forever!

At saturday 17.12.2005 was Winner 2005 show. Jalo got Good in junior class. The judge was Henric Fryckstrand from Sweden. At sunday 18.12.2005 was Nordic Winner 2005 show. Jalo’s result was Very good in juniorclass. The jodge was Keith Young, UK. Jalo’s evaluations: Winner 2005, Nordic Winner 2005