18.12.2005 Winner and Nordic Winner 2005

At least interesting and very colorful show trip!

The trip included several memorable things – staying at the same cottage with a bitch that was in a heat, car’s charger broke down while it was -20C (-4F), finding a new charger and a repair shop that was open at saturdays, heating the bathing water with a kettle… At least we’ll remember this trip forever!

At saturday 17.12.2005 was Winner 2005 show. Jalo got Good in junior class. The judge was Henric Fryckstrand from Sweden. At sunday 18.12.2005 was Nordic Winner 2005 show. Jalo’s result was Very good in juniorclass. The jodge was Keith Young, UK. Jalo’s evaluations: Winner 2005, Nordic Winner 2005

19.11.2005 Jyväskylä INT

Jalo and Flippe was entered for today’s show.

The judge for the flatcoats was Rodi Hübenthal from Sweden.

Jalo got Good in juniorclass and Flippe Good in open class.

Jalo’s evaluation, Flippe’s evaluation

16.10.2005 Hyvinkää Retriever speciality show

The flatcoats were judged by Ann Kilminster (kennel Withybed) from UK. Jalo got Very good in juniorclass and Flippe Very good in open class!
Jalo’s evaluation, Flippe’s evaluation

27.09.2005 Reunion

Other reunion! Kassu’s sister Ceci (Matzline’s Cecilia) ja Kassu.

27.08.2005 Pieksämäki group show

Both breeds were judged by Tarja Hovila. Kassu got Very good and was placed second in veteran class and Jalo got Very good and won the junior class. Kassu’s evaluation, Jalo’s evaluation

Kassu’s sister Nelli (Matzline’s Carolyn) was also entered to the show. Two sisters had a happy reunion after twelve years. It was happy to see how good condition they are in and how full of life and joy they are!

12.06.2005 Nurmes group show

Hot day at the show with all three dogs. Kassu got Very good and was placed first in veteran class. The goldens were judged by Hannele Jokisilta. The judge for the flatcoats was Gun Holmström. Jalo got Good in juniorclass and Flippe Sufficient in open class.
Kassu’s evaluation, Jalo’s evaluation, Flippe’s evaluation

29.05.2005 Liperi tendency trial

Originally Flippe wasn’t supposed to be a hunting dog and our freezer wasn’t supposed to be filled with dead birds. But somehow we ended up training Flippe with game around the same time that we started to seriously consider taking another flatcoat (and Jalo did join us shortly thereafter). For some reason – maybe because of the late start he got – Flippe was never too enthusiastic about cold game and had to be instructed to pick it up.

The reason why our first visit to tendency trials resulted in failure was that Flippe did not pick up any game independently and always waited at the game for the command to pick it up. But he didn’t have the problem in retrieving game from the water so he got to retrieve several birds from the free search area before he failed his test.

General appearance: “A dog full of energy and willingness to act. Works well in the water, but waits for a command before picking up the birds in the field. This is the reason the dog fails the trial. Doesn’t appear to have anything against game”. Flippe’s evaluation

Leppävirta all breed

Because of double booking the day Jalo got to go to a dog show with his breeder. The judge was Stefan Sinko from Slovenia. Jalo got Very good and won the junior class. Thank you Anne for taking Jalo with you and handling him!

Jalo’s evaluation

23.04.2005 Simpele group show

Nice day! Kassu was shown for the first time in official dog show and Jalo was last time in an puppy class. The judge for both breeds was Markku Santamäki. Lively veteran enjoyed so much to be in a dog show :)

Kassu got Very good and was placed first in veteran class.
Jalo was placed first in a puppyclass, got a HP and was BOS puppy!

Jalo’s dam Tosca (Chiccoxen Dream On You) was BOB, BIG-1 and finally at the end of the day she was BIS2! Congratulations!

Kassu’s evaluation, Jalo’s evaluation

27.03.2005 Lappeenranta all breed

The judge for the puppies had changed so again Jalo was judged by Ritva Raita and was placed fourth in the puppy class. Adults were judged by Saija Juutilainen and Flippe got yet again Sufficient in open class. Flippe has got a wide range of different results. The biggest problem is that Flippe doesn’t trot when other dogs are in the ring same time as him and he uses some weird gait of his own. When he’s alone in the ring he trots somehow. We’ll take him in to a couple of more shows hoping to get him moving well and getting a Flippe-like evaluation of him. Kassu was also with us in this trip. He waited at the car and watched eagerly everything that happened around the parking lot ;) Jalo’s evaluation, Flippe’s evaluation