15.12.2007 Concert photography

Tuomas Holopainen We went to see Nightwish play live in Joensuu last Wednesday. Since cameras were allowed, we took a few pictures. Indica was the warm-up act and we got a few shots of them too. So go on, take a look at the galleries.

03.12.2007 Site updated

We finally got the long lasting project of creating a satisfactory layout and getting everything moved over to it completed. So here it is, our newly updated site.

We’ve built the whole system so that it is easier to update and maintain now, so hopefully it stay more up to date. We’ve also added quite a few pictures, especially of the boys. So please look around and leave your pawprints in the guestbook.

18.11.2007 Jyväskylä INT

Sulo was placed second in the puppy class, the judge was Eeva Rautala. The flatcoats were judged by Frank Whyte, UK. Jalo got Very good in working class and was placed fourth.
Jalo’s evaluation, Sulo’s evaluation,
pictures from the show

03.11.2007 Lahti group show and puppy show

Unbelievable day! Sulo was in his first show and was placed third in a puppy class. The judge was Tanya Ahlman-Stockmari. The judge for the flatcoats was Tapio Eerola. Jalo got the best result ever: he got Excellent and won the working class, he was second best male and got reserve-CAC! Just when we were thinking that we wouldn’t take Jalo to any more shows this kind of a happy surprise happens to us!
Jalo’s evaluation, Sulo’s evaluation

07.10.2007 Laukaa tendency trial

Blonde-man passed his tendency trial at a first try with a style and is now qualified in field! While being in his blood tracking part, first Luka checked the track that had been done to the previous dog and then he picked up his own track and retrieved a bunny… While we were waiting our turn before the trial, we noted that Luka hadn’t ever even retrieved a game from the water but in the test Luka did that like a professional!

General appearance: “An enthusiastic dog, that performs the water- and ground retrieves effortlessly. Performs well on the ground trail and shows the typical characteristics of a retriever in all tasks”. Luka’s evaluation

02.09.2007 Suonenjoki tendency trial

Today Jalo was qualified at field! General appearance: “A dog that works with excellent eagerness and solves the tasks quickly”.
Jalo’s evaluation

The picture is not taken at the test :)

19.08.2007 Punkaharju group show

Warm summer day at the dog show. Sulo was also with us as a turist. The judge for flatcoats was Esko Nummijärvi. Jalo got Good in open class. Jalo’s evaluation
pictures from the show (flatcoats and goldens)

12.08.2007 Joensuu INT

We went to the Joensuu international dog show today with Flippe in the ring and Sulo as a tourist. A hot and sunny day and seven hours at the show resulted in two very tired boys. Flippe got Good in open class. The judge was Vera Smirnova from Estonia. This was the last show for Flippe. From now on he will continue his important career as a family dog. Flippe’s evaluation, pictures from the show

06.05.2007 Leppävirta group show

Today’s judge was Ewa Nielsen from Sweden. Jalo got Good in open class.

Thank you Janna for the company during the trip!

Jalo’s evaluation

15.04.2007 The newcomer

Welcome to our pack, Sulo (Rushes Eagleheart). Thank you Tuuli for this little old-man!