23.02.2008 Tuusniemi group show

A great show day in Tuusniemi at the Koillis-Sawo Show is behind us. Jalo went and did it, his first CAC and best of opposite sex is now a fact. Sulo’s day wasn’t quite as good, but not an absolute failure either. Naturally, we took quite a few pictures at the show. You can see them at http://dev.fierymill.net/photography/events/tuusniemi-20080223/.

Jalo Working class EXL-1, Best dog-1, BOS and CC. Judge Elena Ruskovaara.
Sulo Junior class Good. Judge Paavo Mattila.

Jalo’s evaluation, Sulo’s evaluation

Vimg_18953 Chiccoxen Ice and Fire "Jalo"