22.11.2008 Jyväskylä INT

Jalo Working class EXXL-4. Judge Yochai Barak. Jalo’s evaluation, pictures from the show

Chiccoxen Ice and Fire "Jalo"Chiccoxen Ice and Fire "Jalo"

28.09.2008 Pomarkku hunt test

Combined vacation and hunt test trip to the other side of Finland. Sulo didn’t pass the test, Luka got third prize in beginners class.
Luka’s evaluation, Sulo’s evaluation

07.09.2008 Liperi hunt test

Today was Women Only -hunt test. Only the female handlers were allowed to participate. So Anna decided to try.

We don’t know which one was more confused, Anna or Sulo, but Sulo didn’t pass the test. Luka got third prize in beginners class. Because handler’s heart was bounding out loud, the handler made several mistakes that lowered the prize. Nice experience! Maybe someday Anna has the courage to handle a dog in a test again!

Luka’s evaluation, Sulo’s evaluation

23.08.2008 Mikkeli group show

Sulo Working class Very good-1. Judge Riitta-Liisa Lehtonen. Thank you Heli for handling Sulo!
Sulo’s evaluation


10.08.2008 Rovaniemi hunt test

Jalo didn’t pass the test because he broke the game. And then the dog handler was more clueless than ever ;) Ramin quit the test even though it was still possible to get a result for Luka. Well, we’ll never stop learning.
Luka’s evaluation, Jalo’s evaluation.

03.08.2008 Kuopio INT

Sulo Working class Good. Judge Göran Bodegård. Thank you Heli! You’re the best!

Sulo’s evaluation, pictures from the Sawo 2008 shows

Rushes Eagleheart "Sulo"Rushes Eagleheart "Sulo"

02.08.2008 Kuopio INT

Jalo Working class Very good. Judge Hans Lehtinen.
Sulo Working class VG-4. Judge Frederick J C Peddie.

Jalo’s evaluation, Sulo’s evaluation

Vimg_25739Chiccoxen Ice and Fire "Jalo"

01.08.2008 Kuopio INT

Jalo Working class Very good. Judge John Philip.
Sulo Working class EXL-4. Judge Inga Siil.

Jalo’s evaluation, Sulo’s evaluation

29.06.2008 Mäntsälä-Järvenpää all breed

Jalo Working class EXL-1, Best dog-3, reserve-CC. Judge Saija Juutilainen.
Sulo Working class Very good-2. Same judge.

Jalo’s evaluation, Sulo’s evaluation

28.06.2008 Järvenpää all breed

Vimg_25054Jalo Working class EXL-2. Judge Riitta-Liisa Lehtonen. Jalo’s evaluation