07.06.2009 Hirvensalmi hunt test

Our hunt test season began with a road trip over 250 km away. Luckily Luka’s starting position was in the afternoon group se we didn’t have to hit the road at daybreak. The day was warm and calm, which meant that the wild rosemary in the search area covered game scents fairly well. That in addition to Luka’s nose which decided to stay sleeping at home meant that a first prize was impossible. You can read the test report.

Otherwise we can only satisfied with Luka’s performance in the test. For the first time the guided retrieve (or blind) had two terrain changes (marsh-water-marsh). After several false starts I (Ramin) got Luka to believe that he has to enter the water and after that it was plain sailing.

The test had another first with a double mark in a line. As if that wouldn’t have been challenging enough, there was a small land mass between the two marks so that the second bird wasn’t visible from the first. To my surprise Luka did the marking work of a lifetime and completed the task excellently. This from a dog that early in the spring would start searching much too early for marks… So, Luka got third prize in beginner’s class.