13.06.2009 Roukalahti hunt tests

Well, hunt tests couldn’t be much closet to home than these. The trip from our front door to the test area was only 15 km and the area is part of the hunting grounds of the club Ramin belongs to. Luka was the first dog in the test and Ramin’s non-existent mental preparation probably had an effect. You can read the test report.

On the other hand, being the first in the test was good, because we had time to follow other dogs in all three classes. The rabbit in the area search in beginner’s class seemed to cause problems to several dogs, just like in a test last autumn. Luckily our boys haven’t come up with an aversion towards fur in the search area, but then we’ve got a squirrel in the freezer just in case…

In open class we got to follow dogs perform in very challenging and rough terrain. The difficulty of the terrain and test was apparent in the results, but we got to see a flatcoat perform well enough to get a first prize. I wonder if any of our boys will be able to do the same.

In winner class the distances were long and terrain challenging. But seeing a working champion golden from two countries work was wonderful. Her handler was so calm and restrained that I (Ramin) was ashamed of my own behavior in the miniscule distances of beginner class.

Ps. Ramin took those pictures above all by him self – credits for that :)