12.09.2009 Virrat, Flatcoated retriever championship

Our first visit to the flatcoated retriever championship was undertaken by entering a yellow. Luka participated in the Flätti-kisälli (flatcoat-apprentice), which is a beginner’s class hunt test and unofficial dog show. The show judge was Kirsi Nieminen, who is also a flatcoat breeder so her evaluation of Luka was much anticipated. Unfortunately Luka’s color caused him to be disqualified. On the other hand, he also failed to get a prize in the hunt test so he wouldn’t have had a chance in any case. The trip was very enjoyable and we will certainly go to next year’s championship. Hopefully then we’ll also enter a black dog as well. This time Jalo was along for the ride to keep Luka company. Luka’s evaluations from show and hunt test

Thanks a lot to Vikke and Eeva for a place to stay!

Our pictures from the championship are in our gallery.