12.09.2009 Virrat, Flatcoated retriever championship

Risto Heikkonen, no prize in beginners class

Haku: Koira ei etene hakualueella tarpeeksi kauas.

Area search: Dog doesn’t go far enough in the free search area.

Ohjattavuus: Saadaan helposti riistalle.

Guided retrieve: Is guided easily to the game.

Paikallistamiskyky: Näkee molemmat heitot. Ei löydä tavia.

Marking: Sees both throws. Doesn’t find the Common Teal.

Riistankäsittely: Luovutusvaiheessa pudottelee.

Game handling: Sometimes drops when giving game up.


Tracking ability:

Muut ominaisuudet: Hieman omapäinen koira.

Other qualities: Slightly strong-willed dog.

Yleisvaikutelma: Haun tehottomuus yhdessä markkeerauksen ja riistan käsittelyn puutteiden vuoksi pudottaa koiran tänään palkintosijoilta.

General appearance: Inefficient searching in addition to faults in marks and game handling remove the chance of a prize today.

Excuses: This time the above evaluation doesn’t give an accurate picture of the handler’s feelings on how the test went. Of course not receiving a prize was a just result, but Luka’s success in the guided retrieve and how Luka was guided over a larger body of water to the second free search area were definite successes. The only problem was that after the guide into the other search area, Luka found the common teal from the marks, which he’d originally marked much further than it really was. The free search area was really difficult, it was the first time we’ve encountered a free search area that is divided by a body of open water. Well, we can always train more…