13.03.2010 Polvijärvi group show

Jalo took a spin at the Polvijärvi dog show and supported local organizers. Originally we entered him hoping that the judge would change to the reserve-judge, who has already given Jalo a reserve-CC. This was the first time Jalo was seen by the judge and got a good. The judge was Paula Rekiranta. Jalo’s evaluation

Ramin also photographed all of the flatcoats. You can see the pictures in our gallery.

In the latest shows Jalo’s rear movements have been criticized as powerless and short, something we’d noticed ourselves. The change has taken place after he broke his tail sometime back (picture). We’re now thinking that he may have either a physical or psychological remnant of the brake that limits his tail movements. A stronger and longer step in the rear would cause his tail to move more and it could be that Jalo has learned to not move his tail so much. Otherwise his tail does wag like a flatcoat’s tail should.

And to finish, a sample of what Jalo’s movement looked like way back when: