16.05.2010 Ruokolahti hunt test

Luka started his hunt test season with an excellent performance at the Ruokolahti hunt test. Only the rabbit remained at the end of the scent trail once again…

The terrain of the test was relatively easy – fairly open water and clear pine forest. This was then compensated with the challenging guided retrieve (the dog had to swim and was not allowed to go by the shore), the length of the marks (over 50 metre double into water) and the size of the free search area (really big). The specialty in the free search area was the pigeon, which a few dogs refused to pick up. Luka was a bit rough with the pigeon, but returned it to hand intact.

A good start to the season, except for the rabbit that was left in the forest. For some reason the fast moving air-scenting flatcoat didn’t catch a good enough wiff… So in the end, Luka got his career’s third second prize in beginners class.

Luka’s evaluation