07.06.2010 Leppävirta hunt test

The Leppävirta test was held during a weekday and unlike the usual procedure all dogs had to register at the same time. As fate would have it, Luka was unlucky enough to get the last spot so we had an extremely enthusiastic dog sitting in the car waiting for his turn while every other dog had theirs. And as you can imagine, Luka was quite tired when his turn finally did come.

The test started with a guided retrieve angled away from the shoreline after which their was a double mark into the water and shoreline rushes. After the marks there was the free search that was mainly in the fairly moist and heavy shoreline which was Luka’s downfall.

Otherwise the test went well, but Luka was tired and thus his free search suffered and he got another second prize in beginners class.Luka’s evaluation