20.06.2010 Nurmes hunt test

After a hard month of hunt tests the final start was in our clubs own test. This time we went far away from the familiar areas in Liperi up to Nurmes on a rainy day but found some interesting terrain.

The test started with a long water mark followed by a small free search in the right portion of the area – there was a bird and rabbit in the area. After this was the time for the guided retrieve over a small bay. Luka was a flatcoat and tried to go along the shoreline at the end of the bay since he couldn’t see any game in the water. After the guided retrieve there was a single mark to the end of the bay and then some more free search in the same area.

All in all, the test wasn’t too difficult. Luka was just too much of a flatcoat and used his own brain that the guided retrieve just didn’t work out the way the judge wanted it to. In the end Luka got his fifth second prize in beginners class. Luka’s evaluation