01.08.2010 Joensuu and retriever specialties

What a day!

Topi was the best puppy out of ten in the Finnish flatcoated retriever society’s specialty and became the BIS-puppy. He was judged by Louise Jones (kennel Braemist), who has over thirty years of experience with flatcoats. In addition to the other prizes we get to host the large Hestian Malja challenge cup trophy and the folder that follows it containing some information on the previous BIS-puppies. We’ll have to create a page for Topi and have his name engraved on the trophy.

Sulo also went for a spin in the working class ring in the golden retriever specialty. He got quite a good evaluation from an English breeder-judge and his final result was very good.

Topi’s evaluation, Sulo’s evaluation ja and some pictures from the flatcoat ring.