15.08.2010 Liperi hunt test

Markku Bräyschy, third prize in beginners class

Haku: Hakee alueen etuosan, mutta kauemmat alueen osat jäävät hieman puutteellisesti tarkastettua.

Free search: Searches through the front part of the area, but the rear parts are checked somewhat poorly.

Ohjattavuus: Selvittää tehtävän.

Guided retrieve: Completes the task.

Paikallistamiskyky: Näkee pudotukset ja saa riistat talteen.

Marking: Sees the birds drop and retrieves them.

Riistankäsittely: Puutteita luovutuksissa osalla riistoilla.

Game handling: Problems in returning to hand in some cases.


Tracking ability:

Muut ominaisuudet:

Other qualities:

Yleisvaikutelma: Päivän kokeessa koira suorittaa hyvin ohjaus- sekä paikallistamistehtävän, mutta koesuorituksen kokonaisuutta heikentää puutteet riistan käsittelyssä sekä hieman tehoton hakutyöskentely.

General appearance: In today’s test the dog completes the guided retrieve and marks well, but lacks in game handling and somewhat inefficient free search reduce the prize.

Excuses: Luka seemed a bit tired on the way to the test, but it didn’t show in any special way in his work. The guided retrieve and marks were solid work – even though the handler almost caused Luka to miss seeing the first throw of the double. In the free search I finally figured out why the same judge has criticized Luka’s free search. For some reason he is very inefficient in searching through larger areas of rushes. A bit of extra practice should fix this issue. Game handling during the returns has always been a bit iffy with Luka, but after yesterday’s broken bird I didn’t want to take any chances at all even though I knew that possible drops would reduce the prize.