06.11.2010 Valkeala WT training and unofficial WT test

Very rewarding and nice small weekend spend by getting to know to Working Test and WT training. The training was organized by Finnish Flatcoated Retrievers Breeders Club – thank you!

In friday evening was a lesson of WT rules by Pauliina Ahola (kennel Eagle Owl’s). We got to learn differences between WT and cold game tests and how to notice them while training the dogs. We got to ask lot of questions – those dumb ones too – and Pauliina answered to them all with great patient.

Saturday morning was spend with different exercises. Janne Lähteenaro was the other trainer with Pauliina. We got lot of experience and tips how to train to take with us back home. Luka was normal over social himself during the exercises and thought that all that standing and waiting was wasted time that could have been used better by getting to know all the new people and dogs ;)

In the afternoon we had unofficial WT test that included three different tasks – area search, blind retrieve, and marks. The third judge with Pauliina and Janne was Jukka Kivijärvi. During the test there was no sign of whining everybody’s merrymaker friend Luka. Luka concentrated to every task with his normal certainty and did not make a sound. One of the judges told us that Luka has extremely well nerves for competitions. Luka got 50 points out of 60 (19+11+20) and was placed third and got a honorary prize! Thirteen dogs started in this test.

Thank you Pauliina, Janne and Jukka for such a good training and thanks to Finnish Flatcoated Retrievers Breeders Club for organizing this event – more of these, please ;)