12.12.2010 Helsinki Winner & Finnish Winner 2010

Nice two day trip to the dog shows. Helsinki Winner was at Saturday and Finnish Winner at Sunday. On Sunday’s show Topi decided that the judge was a bogeyman (or woman in this case). Hence that, Topi got only Good as a result. The judge trainee wasn’t scary at all. The judge at Saturday was Borge Espeland (Norway) and at Sunday Ragnhild Ulin (Sweden), kennel Almanza.

Topi’s evaluations: Helsinki Winner and Winner 2010

15.11.2010 Jyväskylä INT

Topi was in a junior class and got Very good and was placed third. The judge was so fast with the evaluation that we’re lucky that we had time to take one picture of Topi in the ring. Topi’s evaluation

Topi figured out a new way of using the show crate:

06.11.2010 Valkeala WT training and unofficial WT test

Very rewarding and nice small weekend spend by getting to know to Working Test and WT training. The training was organized by Finnish Flatcoated Retrievers Breeders Club – thank you!

In friday evening was a lesson of WT rules by Pauliina Ahola (kennel Eagle Owl’s). We got to learn differences between WT and cold game tests and how to notice them while training the dogs. We got to ask lot of questions – those dumb ones too – and Pauliina answered to them all with great patient.

Saturday morning was spend with different exercises. Janne Lähteenaro was the other trainer with Pauliina. We got lot of experience and tips how to train to take with us back home. Luka was normal over social himself during the exercises and thought that all that standing and waiting was wasted time that could have been used better by getting to know all the new people and dogs ;)

In the afternoon we had unofficial WT test that included three different tasks – area search, blind retrieve, and marks. The third judge with Pauliina and Janne was Jukka Kivijärvi. During the test there was no sign of whining everybody’s merrymaker friend Luka. Luka concentrated to every task with his normal certainty and did not make a sound. One of the judges told us that Luka has extremely well nerves for competitions. Luka got 50 points out of 60 (19+11+20) and was placed third and got a honorary prize! Thirteen dogs started in this test.

Thank you Pauliina, Janne and Jukka for such a good training and thanks to Finnish Flatcoated Retrievers Breeders Club for organizing this event – more of these, please ;)

03.11.2010 Pomarkku Hunt test

A hunt test roadtrip to the other side of Finland. A big thank you to our dear friends V&E Jason for offering bead&breakfast (and lunch and dinner and…) for two nights! Luka got second prize in beginners class in the last test of this season.

Just like in last year’s trip to the Tampere region (for the Flatcoated retriever championship), Jalo was along as Luka’s chamber maid. While Luka was at the test, Jalo had the duty of keeping the Jasons entertained. And the apartment buildings polished stone stairs weren’t too bad a challenge to Luka any more.

Luka’s evaluation

10.10.2010 Hyvinkää Retriever speciality show

Combined work / show trip for the weekend. Topi showed himself nicely but was a bit shy whit his movement. Well, this was his first indoor show. Topi got Very good in junior class and was not placed in his class. The dogs were judged by Finn Arild Thorsen (kennel Flat Garden) from Norway. Very nice day among all wagging tails, there were 158 flatcoats entered to the show!
Topi’s evaluation, pictures of the show

25.09.2010 Hamina hunt test

Yet again a hunt test, this time at south-eastern Finland.
Luka got a second prize in beginners class.
Luka’s evaluation

19.09.2010 Hyvinkää group show

Relaxing weekend trip to Hyvinkää. Topi was entered to junior class for the first time. The judge was Tina Sulce (Latvia) and the result 3rd in junior class with Very good. Topi was the youngest in his class and it really showed ;) This was a good start.
Topi’s evaluation

29.08.2010 Lappeenranta Flatcoated retriever championship

Luka participated in the Flatti-kisälli (flatcoat-apprentice) again, which is a beginner’s class hunt test and unofficial dog show. The show judge was Elena Ruskovaara. This was the very first Flatcoated retriever championship where the yellow colour was not disqualifying feature – thanks to the new Flatcoated retriever championship rules! Luka got a nice evaluation at the show. Luka got no prize in the hunt test and was ordered to “go to the gym to lift some weights” (Luka didn’t have enough power to retrieve 2,5 kg / 5,5 lbs Common Eider all the way back to the handler, that’s why no prize). The trip was really nice and the final of the championship a thriller to look at. Pictures of the weekend can be found here. Luka’s evaluations of conformation and hunt test

20.08.2010 Starting the waterfowl hunting season with a bang

Instead of heading off to be a visitor in another clubs hunting grounds Ramin decided to stick to our own neighborhood to start the season. Hooking up with a few of our neighbors close to our home proved to be a good choice.

Over the seven or so hours that Ramin and Luka were out, the hunting party got 35 birds of which Luka got to retrieve 25. In the end of the day we had one very tired retriever.

Since the hunt took place so close to home, Anna brought Topi along to sniff the air a bit and get an idea of what he’s been bred for. Since one bird dropped dead in the water right in front of him, he also got his first hunting retrieve.

Unfortunately, if our season started with a bang, it ended with a sizzle. After the opening day following outings – of which there weren’t many – produced only two fired shots and no birds.

15.08.2010 Hunt tests in Liperi

We had a two day hunt test in Liperi and Luka started on both days in the early morning. On saturday the result was a big fat zero after Luka’s first (and hopefully last) broken game during the return. On sunday we returned to getting prizes with a third prize. But more importantly the guided retrieves were successful on both days and we got a handle on why Luka’s free search has been quite inefficient.

On saturday 14.8.2010 both Anna and Ramin watched performances in both the open and winner’s classes in the continuing heatwave. In both classes we saw dogs and handlers succeed and fail and got ideas for our own training. At least we again got a handle on the requirements of the open class.

On Sunday 15.8.2010 Ramin went to watch the winner’s class performances after Luka’s start. He also ended up working as a shooter in the class. It felt really good “to shoot game with every shot ;).” The guided retrieve was so demanding that many handlers just shook their heads when they saw it. 150 metres of guided water work through a “gate” surrounded by game scents. And it was still hot.

The weekend ended with a swimming session for our whole pack in the still very warm lake water.

Lukas evaluations are also available online: saturday and sunday.