21.03.2011 Goofy is gone

Jalo’s first symptoms appeared a bit over a year ago when he let out a small cry after a jump. At the time x-rays did not show that something would be wrong. The lameness was cured by medication and rest at the time. Small occurrences of lameness appeared every now and then during the summer and autumn.

In December Jalo started limping quite badly. A couple of weeks of rest, physical therapy and pain medication helped at the time.

A bit over a month ago the limp returned even worse than before. Jalo would walk with three feet and held his leg up while standing and sitting, and lying down started to be difficult. Two weeks ago we visited the vet and after
inconclusive x-rays the doctor suspected tendonitis in his shoulder. Pain medication did not help at all and we started to fear for the worst.

Last week Jalo’s limp got progressively worse and his general condition started to decline. We got an ER appointment for Friday (18.3.) morning. A more sophisticated x-ray machine confirmed the fear that had been growing in the back of our minds. Jalo had at least one large tumor in his right shoulder bone. The diagnosis: most likely osteosarcoma. We were finally hit in the face by the worst fear of every flatcoat owner and the curse of our breed. The x-ray also showed a osteophyte (bone spur) in the shoulder.

Today it was time to let our beloved friend go. Thank you Jalo for all the years we got to spend with you – we wish there would have been more of them. Now you are comfortable again and that is what counts. Your overabundance of joy and carefree attitude would light up even the gloomiest of days, you were always a source of sunshine and joy. Your foolish character will always live on in our memories. Thank you, dear friend, for being you.

Now I must go
Send me to the Bridge I pray,
When I no longer run and play.
When my limbs can’t bear my weight,
And dignity is stripped by fate.

Look into my eyes, you’ll find,
I will let you know, it’s time.
You must help me from this edge,
Now it’s time, I make this pledge.

I leave you for the Bridge today,
Anew, I run, I bark, I play.
We shared a life of many things,
And to your heart my leaving brings,

The pain of loss, I feel it too,
But Master, know, this I must do.
I must leave first, to make the way,
For you to follow me some day.

Beyond the sunset, where all pain ends,
We’ll meet again, the best of friends.
Just as I snuggled in your heart,
You’re in mine too, we aren’t apart.

I watch you from afar and pray,
It’s time to heal, heal some each day.
Please dry those tears and smile for me,
And know at last, that I am free.

There is no pain or suffering here,
The sun shines brightly everywhere.
There isn’t even one cross look,
It’s not allowed here in His book.

No clouds of gray will gather here,
No storms will ever threaten.
We are at peace here,
And the Bridge is Heaven!

– Author unknown –