16.10.2011 Mjösund hunt test

Ossi Kähärä, no prize in open class

Haku: Kattaa aluetta sopivasti.

Free search: Covers the area enough.

Ohjattavuus: Selvittää maaohjauksen melko hyvin. Vesiohjauksesta tulee raskas.

Guided retrieve: Clears the blind on the ground quite well. The water blind requires quite heavy guidance.

Paikallistamiskyky: Näkee heitot, hakee toiseksi heitetyn suoraviivaisesti. Ei onnistu ensimmäisen noudossa.

Marking: See throws, retrieves second mark directly. Can’t complete the retrieve of the first throw.

Riistankäsittely: Pehmentää yhtä lokkia, tuo muut riistat siististi.

Game handling: Soften one seagull slightly, returns others neatly.

Muut ominaisuudet: Häiriintyy toisesta koirasta.

Other qualities: Is bothered by the other dog.

Yleisvaikutelma: Riistaintoinen koira, joka stressaantuu kokeen aikana. Kiinnostuu toisista koirista. Koe keskeytyy riistan käsittelyongelmiin.

General appearance: Game enthusiastic dog, who gets stressed during the test. Is interested in other dogs. Test is interrupted due to game handling problems.

Excuses: Well, we just had to go and see what open class is like, just because we could. The test was quite good and really showed where we are with Luka. For the first time Luka really had to watch another dog working and it clearly bothered him during the marks and in his general behavior. The water blind required quite heavy guidance from Ramin and was clearly at the upper limits of Luka’s current abilities, but we made it. The hard work of the water blind and watching another dog working clearly stressed Luka so much that the third bird in the free search was slightly damages while Luka was packing it in his mouth during the return. Training wise it was a good failed test and we can easily continue on from here.