22.12.2011 Merry Christmas

16.10.2011 Mjösund hunt test

We decided to try the open class in a hunt test during this fall so without any expectations we headed towards Mjösund. This was the first time when other dog was working simultaneously with Luka in a hunt test and it stressed Luka out a bit. Therefore no prize this time. We got a lot of good experience and I bet that the hunt test personell had a fun time watching Luka ;)

Luka’s evaluation

09.10.2011 Laukaa, Tendency trial

Third Time Lucky… Topi truly lived up to his name! Topi passed his tendency trial today (NOU1, is required for becoming Finnish Champion). In addition, Topi got Trial personnel’s choice award for best dog of the day! We are so happy! General appearance: “Dog clears the trials tasks surely and works with good co-operation”. Topi’s evaluation

11.09.2011 Kerimäki hunt test

It finally happened! Luka went to a hunt test and got 1st prize in beginners class! This qualifies him to compete in open class in the future. General appearance: “An evenly working dog. Clears today’s tasks very well”. Luka’s evaluation

04.09.2011 Kontiolahti, Tendency trial

Another try at tendency trial. Topi did a much better job this time. But… His self-confidence wasn’t good enough to complete the tracking part and the bunny was left in the forest. General appearance: “Dog that completes the tasks with good and steady pace. Unfortunately today the dog does not have enough self-confidence to complete the tracking task.”

Pictures © Sirpa Saastamoinen, thank you! Topi’s evaluation

14.08.2011 Joensuu All breed show

It feels so weird when the ring is scheduled to start at 12:45 and we only have 25 minutes drive to the venue. Usually we have to wake up in the wee hours when attending to a dog related happening…

Topi got Excellent and won the intermediate class with CQ. The highlight of the day was Topi’s Best male 4 placing and a res-CAC he got! The following sentence written by the judge felt really good: “This youngster showing power without lumber”. Topi’s evaluation

13.08.2011 Joensuu INT

The first of two days in our “home show”. Topi got excellent and was placed second in intermediate class with CQ. The judge was Rui Oliveira from Portugal. Topi’s evaluation

Roukalahti hunt test

And so it was time for The Blonde-Man to go to his first hunt test of the year…

Luka went, did excellent work, run a honorary lap among the audience showing off his seagull, and thought like a true flatcoat that Ramin was only his chauffeur!

Luka got 3rd prize in beginners class and the judge was Markku Bräyschy.

Pictures © Teijo Kostian, thanks!

Luka’s evaluation

07.08.2011 Kuopio INT

Topi 20 months

We spend the weekend traveling and the last stop was INT show at Kuopio. Topi got wonderful result: he got excellent and won the intermediate class with CQ and was best male 4! Topi’s evaluation

23.07.2011 Vesanto Group show

Today at Vesanto’s Group show Topi won the intermediate class with Excellent but didn’t get CQ. The judge was Vera Smirnova from Estonia. Topi’s evaluation