05.05.2012 Kaatamo Working Test

Miss Mallorys Third Time Lucky 'Topi'

Our local retriever club decided to organize their first ever Working Test in honor of their 30th anniversary and there was no way we could not go to the test. My own experience of WT has been limited to a course that I participated in with Luka and a mock-test at the end of the course. Based on that experience it was clear that working tests are not something to participate in with Luka, so Topi got to start his own test career. We got a could warm-up for the test by participating in a full weekend of training the weekend before (photo taken then). And after a week of some additional training (which went well and poorly), the feeling I had on the morning of the test was that anything is possible.

The test itself was a great experience despite the rain and wind. Topi got a result, even though the test didn’t go as well as it could have. But the most important part of the test, the experience it gave to both the dog and handler was achieved and it gave a good picture on what kinds of issues need focus in training. While at home Topi will often easily accomplish the same tasks as Luka, his lack of experience shows itself as carelessness and over-enthusiasm in tests. So by increasing routine, i.e. training, we should have a much better base in the tests of the summer and autumn.

And finally, the result itself: 3rd prize in novice class with the points 14+9+12+7=42/80.