22.12.2012 Merry Christmas to you all.

20.10.2012 Hyvinkää Retriever Speciality Show

A long day trip to Retriever Speciality Show in Hyvinkää. One can only be proud and happy of the results: Emil got Excellent and was placed 4th in intermediate class (out of 13 dogs) and Topi got Excellend and was placed 2nd in working class (out of 8 dogs)! The judge for the males was Susan Goodman (UK).

Ravencrag Explorer Ravencrag Explorer Miss Mallorys Third Time Lucky Miss Mallorys Third Time Lucky

16.09.2012 Kaatamo hunt test

The test went so well that Luka don’t have to retire yet! Luka cleared all the tasks in the test but unfortunately other game at double mark wasn’t found. Luka got 3rd prize in open class and we’re so happy! The judge was Timo Väisänen.

16.09.2012 Character test, Pärnävaara

Luka got to participate to a Finnish Kennel Club’s Character test. We finally got a place in a test for him! A dog have to be under 7 years old to attend character test so this was basically the last opportunity for Luka.

The result was somewhat the one that we expected, not any surprises in the results. The judges were Wilhelmiina Virolainen and Lea Kilpeläinen. Luka’s result was 171 points and +++ Gun shot proof (isn’t afraid of gun shots).

15.09.2012 Kaatamo hunt test

Topi started in our local hunt test. The test went quite ok and he got 3rd prize in beginners class. The judge was Markku Bräyschy.

24.08.2012 Hi, my name is Late…

Salasana Harvey Wallbanger

“Hi, my name is Late and I am going to move in with you.”
(And so he did.)

23.08.2012 Puppies 7 weeks old

A few pictures of Emil and Vimma’s puppies at 7 weeks old.

20.08.2012 Water fowl hunting season begun

19.08.2012 Baltic Winner 2012, Tallinn, Estonia

Fabulous day despite the rain! Emil got excellent and won open class, was placed 3rd in CAC ring and was Best male 3! Topi got excellent and won working class, was placed 4th in CAC ring and was Best male 4. The judge was english breed specialist Ms. Brenda Hutchison.

18.08.2012 Retriever Speciality Show, Tallinn, Estonia

Miss Mallorys Third Time Lucky

A day that we’ll never forget! Our boys took a double win at Retriever Speciality Show in Tallinn, Estonia! Emil got excellent and won open class, was placed second in CAC ring and was best male 2! Topi got excellent and won working class, won CAC ring, was best male and finally BOS! Topi got Estonian CAC under english breed specialist Mr. David Hutchison. Thank you so much!