25.08.2004 Pärnävaara, GCKDD2

PärnävaaraLocated in Liperi, neighbouring Joensuu is the hill of Pärnävaara. It’s one of the highest points of Liperi, offering spectacular views of typical Eastern Finnish countryside, that is lakes and forest. Once drooled over by the military for a radar installation, it used to host a ski slope, and is now used as a sporting facility. There are many paths (ski tracks in the wintertime) in the area as well as hiking routes and a biathlon range.

PärnävaaraThe cache itself is located about 300 meters away from where the coordinates point to. The coordinates will take you to a map of the area and signpost. Study the map and be careful of the area marked in red as that is the biathlon firing range. None of the well-used paths in the area lead to the danger area, so stay on the paths until you get near the cache. The height difference between the two points is about fifty meters and the distance is short. Because of the steep paths, hiking boots or other shoes with good ankle support are recommended.

To get the coordinates of the cache itself, go to the signpost. The coordinates of the cache are N62°38.XXX’, E29°32.YYY’, where

XXX = 747 – “Valaistu latu” * “Honkalampi” + “Honkalampi” / 2
YYY = 925 – “Joensuu” * “Lykynlampi” – “Valaistu latu” * “Jyrin lenkki” – “Valaistu latu” * (“Honkalampi” – 1)

The cache was created on 25.8.2004. View cache details.

Pärnävaara Pärnävaara