As anyone with four dogs will tell you, they’re more than a hobby, they are a part of your life. But they do tend to have an effect on the hobbies you do have. At least with us, most potential hobbies are evaluated based on their dog friendliness since we really like spending our time with the boys. Another criteria is can we do it together or at home. We enjoy spending time together as much as possible, it’s as simple as that.

Now that we’ve gotten past that, let’s get down to business. Our individual hobbies and interests are best described on our respective pages – of which many are shared. Below is a description of one of our hobbies, Geocaching, since it needs a bit more explaining than most.


Geocaching is a hobby involving modern day treasure hunts with GPS receivers. The Geocaching site gives listings of registered caches with their coordinates. People all around the world can go looking for the caches which typically have a logbook and little trinkets in them. Visitors are expected to write a note in the logbook and maybe exchange items.

We started hunting for geocaches in August 2004, just a bit before we got Jalo. Initially we hunted down several caches, but have slowed down after that. We have noticed that geocaching is a good way to see places, since caches are usually placed in interesting locations and often the cache description gives some information about the area. We also document all the caches we visit here with some pictures and our impressions and thoughts about the cache and area. We’ve also places a cache of our own, with more to come.