Ravencrag Explorer

Emil, aka Eemeli Ulvinen, aka Christian Bligh… A little Bob The Builder indeed. Emil is truly charming personality – he consideres things rather than rushes straight into them. Admittedly though, despite his considering personality he does have some characteristics that remind us of his namesake Emil i Lönneberga. Emil is quite different from our previous flatcoats and therefore it has been really nice to get to know this little english gentleman. A huge thank you to Helen Bligh, Hailey Tomlinson (Rainesgift) and Piia Ulvinen (Salasana) for the oppoturnity to get this little charmer into our lives.


15.6.2013 BOB under Pekka Teini
20.4.2013 PU-2 under Riitta-Liisa Lehtonen
12.5.2013 Best male 3 and CACIB, under Pirjo Aaltonen
20.4.2013 Emil becomes FI CH
20.4.2013 Best male 2 and CAC at Flatcoated retriever speciality show under Gemma Jacobs (UK)
19.8.2012 Best male 3 at Baltic Winner 2012, Estonia, under Brenda Hutchison (UK)
18.8.2012 Best male 2 at Retriever Speciality in Estonia under David Hutchison (UK)
16.6.2012 Qualified in field NOU1 at tendency trial for retrievers
17.5.2012 BOS and CAC, judge Jaana Hartus
6.5.2012 Best male 3 and CAC, judge Matti Luoso
9.4.2012 Best male 4 and res-CAC, judge Kirsi Nieminen


Rainesgift Over The Moon JW (© Piia Ulvinen)

Eskmill Rising Moon at Ravencrag (© Helen Bligh)

Rainesgift Over The Moon JW SDC
CC, 2 resCC's, Shooting Dog Certificate
Castlerock Magic Charm of Graylswater The Sorcerer's Apprentice From Jaeva
2 CC's
GB SH CH Shiredale Magic And Mystery at Wistosa
Fossdyke Keepsake at Jaeva
Gayplume Classic Design at Castlerock GB SH CH Gayplume Dream-maker
GB SH CH Gayplume Pure Style JW
Rainesgift Renn With Kilbourne GB CH Steeplehouse Chipper GB CH Tom Thumb JW
Riversflight Jian
Rainy Day And Sundays
7 ResCC's
Riversflight Neath of Beanit JW
Kentee Innes
BIS Winner N.E.F.R.A 1996
Eskmill Rising Moon at Ravencrag GB CH Pajanbeck Prince of Thieves GB CH Riversflight Marling to Pajanbeck GB CH Branchalwood Stroan JW
GB CH Riversflight Inny
Riversflight Qishon to Pajanbeck GB CH Tom Thumb JW
GB SH CH Riversflight Mella
Eskmill Obsession GB CH Tiger Moth of Keepersend GB CH Exclyst Watchman
GB SH CH Brightstar Brandysnap
GB CH Springburn Dreamer at Eskmill GB CH Branchalwood Stroan JW
Springburn Charisma