Chiccoxen Flibbertigibbet


An extremely active and energetic male. He loves retrieving his frisbees, balls, and the occasional stick. In fact, even treats and food might be forgotten if a ball or frisbee is thrown. His nose is phenomenal, especially when treats are hidden in the forest, ruins, or snow they will be found. At home he is fairly calm, but always ready for some action like a coiled spring.

Before, Flippe could be found sleeping next to or on top of Kassu. Now he’ll look for whatever spot is the coolest in the house. He also had a bad habit of chewing on Kassu’s ear, which lead to a hematoma in said ear. He is also a bird-dog that has a bird for his best friend. Roni and Flippe play together quite often and Flippe always remembers beg for his share when Roni is given a treat, sometimes successfully.

Flippe and Jalo form a pair of mischevious flat-coat boys, with Flippe being the mastermind and Jalo following his lead. They’ve been known to come up with some fairly inventive escapades.

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Camwood Xtra Chocolate Bailey
Qualified in field, CC
CH CH Camwood Kappatoo Wizardwood Fumed Oak
Multi CH FTA O'Flanagan Tesslans Calumet
Hunt test 1st prize in beginners class
C.I.B. CH CH FtCH-WT Varingo Moonfairy Waverton Toby Ale of Varingo
Waverton Sloe Gin
FI CH FI ObCH Chiccoxen Chanson D'Amour FI JW-99 FI CH Almanza Chocolate Caterpillar
Hunt test 3rd prize in open class
SE Sh CH NO CH JWW-98 KBHW-98 FINW-99 SW-99 KBHW-99 Caci's Hell of a Lot
C.I.B. NO CH SE CH FI CH DK CH WW-96 FIW-97 Almanza Mad About Chocolate
Hunt test 3rd prize in beginners class
FI CH FI ObCH Chiccoxen All My Loving FI CH Blackpicks Funny Showman
Hunt test 1st prize in beginners class, Blood tracking 3rd prize in winners class
FI CH Jevreidars Kalk
Hunt test 2nd prize in beginners class, Obedience 1st prize in winners class