FI CH Salasana Harvey Wallbanger

Salasana Harvey Wallbanger

Outrély made goodie who is very challenging to be described shortly. Dog that at three weeks of age decided to move in with us and hasn’t cared of any other people since. Walks his own path but has a sensitive soul inside him. Late doesn’t need a gunman with him when hunting, he is very good at hunting game all by himself.

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Salasana Harvey Wallbanger

19.09.2015 Late becomes FI CH
19.09.2015 Qualified in field NOU1 at tendency trial for retrievers
19.7.2014 Best male 2 and CAC under Esko Nummijärvi
15.6.2014 Best male 3 and CAC under Hanne Laine Jensen
29.3.2014 res-CAC under Paavo Mattila
18.5.2013 Best of breed and CAC under Riitta Liisa Lehtonen
7.4.2013 Best male 2 and CAC under Elena Ruskovaara


FI MVA Ravencrag Explorer Rainesgift Over The Moon JW SDC
CC, 2 resCC's, Shooting Dog Certificate
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2 CC's
Gayplume Classic Design at Castlerock
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Rainy Day And Sundays
7 ResCC's
Eskmill Rising Moon at Ravencrag GB CH Pajanbeck Prince of Thieves GB CH Riversflight Marling to Pajanbeck
Riversflight Qishon to Pajanbeck
Eskmill Obsession GB CH Tiger Moth of Keepersend
GB CH Springburn Dreamer at Eskmill
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FI MVA LV MVA EE MVA LT MVA RU MVA BY MVA RU JMVA LT JMVA LV JMVA BALT MVA EE JMVA Salasana Final Design Mei Dan Blåbär US CH Rainbow's Autumn Classic
FI CH Almanza Unforgettable at Mei Dan
Hunt test 2nd prize in beginners class
Mei Dan Haukansilmä Sniffens Zico
Almanza Chocolate Cheesecake