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  1. doorsenny wrote 10.05.2017at 09:52

  2. Smithg821 wrote 29.11.2016at 14:00

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  3. Smithf344 wrote 01.10.2016at 17:19

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  4. Ewa from Poland wrote 07.12.2011at 01:25

    I came here .. and I fall in love with Luka.
    I used to have FCR chocolat girl named Luka. She will be always in my heart. Now my friend has black hair :o) but she is lovely and beautiful .. lie all flats are.
    I wish you all the best. kisses to your beautiful dogs .. hugs for Luka :o)

  5. Onni ja Pyry wrote 14.09.2011at 05:43

    Nyt vasta tajusin, että sieltähän on napsahtanut ALO1! Onnea tosi paljon! :)

  6. Virpi, Sindy ja Sigge wrote 11.09.2011at 19:07

    Ihailevat onnittelut Lukan ALO1:stä tänään!Siitä on upea jatkaa! Sindy erityisesti ihailee kultaisia herrasmiehiä! Sindyn urosbestis on toinenLuca MeiDan kennelistä! Keltaiset ovat kultaiset!

  7. Arja, Jämsä wrote 21.12.2010at 21:03

    Rauhallista Joulua ja Onnellista Uutta Vuotta 2011. Tv. Arja, Helge, Nero ja Luca

  8. Jon & Emma Darcy wrote 21.11.2010at 22:41

    Love to check in daily to share in Jalo’s adventures.

    Have 2 flatcoats :)

  9. Louisette wrote 10.11.2010at 19:06